Newsflash, not everything posted on Twitter is about you!

Newsflash, not everything posted on Twitter is about you!

Stay calm, take a deep breath, and realize you are not the focal point of the Universe!

A lot of hurt feelings on Twitter could be avoided if people would start realizing that Twitter is a stream of often rather unconscious thoughts streaming at an amazing speed from all over the World, and guess what most of it has ZERO to do with you at all.

Unless you are actually tagged @ in a Tweet, it’s probably not about you. Matter of fact, there is a really good chance the person who wrote that Tweet doesn’t even know you exist, and just to be even more blunt doesn’t care that you do either. They are simply blurting out their thoughts at that moment. Hell a large majority of people drunk or high Tweet these days and if you actually take something like that to heart, please go and get some mental health care. You have an over the top sensitive problem and a major narcissistic personality disorder.

I realize that for some reason people think that they are the center of all the Universe these days, that everyone is watching them, that they are Super Stars in their own little Sitcom online that everyone is waiting with their breath held to see what kind of shit you took last night, what your fingernail polish will be tomorrow, what you thought of the newest Trending Topic on Twitter, and which your most recent purchase was.

Reality is that there will always be just a handful of people who even read what you tweeted, and only if it gets their interest in the first place because it is either Drama oriented enough to make their lonely miserable little lives better, or it offers them a service they are interested in, or it turns them on, or gives them ammunition to bitch them-selves about some sort of perceived unfairness. With other words they feel engaged by your tweet, and that includes those “It’s all about Me all the time” Individuals who seem to constantly feel attacked by the world at large, because they can’t live in the real world long enough to realize just how insignificant we all are in the big scheme of things on a global scale.

I tweet a lot of different things daily, Twitter is one of my marketing platforms and I do engage with some of my more interesting followers who can actually string a sentence or two together without getting rude or confrontational. The fact however is that I know that most of what I tweet will never be read, that maybe only 10% of the information I am trying to share will find it’s way to the right target audience, and that having a relatively normal discussion on Twitter without someone getting their panties in a bunch (yes that goes for you guys too, not just the gals) is about as often as finding or discovering a new Dinosaur Fossil. It can happen but it’s on the rarer side of things

I stay away from interacting with Trolls, Extreme Internet activists and poor me cry babies who think the world is really out to get them all the time. I refuse to get into childish arguments with supposed Adults over something that in general we probably never see eye to eye on. Matter of fact I have a firm – 3 aggressive attack like personally at me directed tweets and you get muted if not blocked. I value my sanity and energy too much to fall for that little bullying trap. It’s hard to have an argument with Me when I refuse to engage in it. I see it as – You have a right to your opinion, I have a right to mine, and we both have the right to make an Ass of ourselves. So cheery ho!

I am in the Adult Industry which naturally brings a specific group of followers to my time line. That has good points and bad points (oh look there is a Squirrel outside of window  – how cute – grins wickedly at you all!) to that. You learn to sort through those you interact with, those who are literally just followers who never do anything but sit on your timeline, those who are watching to see if you have something they want to buy or make use of, and those who are just there to start shit. Guess who gets blocked!!!

There is a rule of thumb when being on Twitter! Stop being a Candy Ass, grow a bit of a tougher skin, realize that only a handful of people give a damn about you, start getting it through your thick skull that not everything is about you or addressed to you, and enjoy the nice people you meet with whom you actually have something in common!

That’s it! There is a mute and a block option! Don’t like what you see, hurts your feelings, makes you cry, use those options, but stop letting it get to you. It’s just Twitter!!! You can shut it off and go do something else. It doesn’t have you held hostage you know?

Well I hope this little bit of tough love rattled some chains inside your nogging, of course like I said, the large majority will never see or read this blog post when I tweet here in a minute. See I know where I stand in the big scheme of things, and it doesn’t break my heart at all. It’ll find its way to those who are destined to need it or just need a chuckle, because they are thinking the same thing I am.

Ciao for now!

Goddess Bella Donna


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