Don’t confuse being blunt with being bitchy!

Don’t confuse being blunt with being bitchy!

Some unpopular facts people don’t want to hear!

We deal with this every single day! When you tell people in general what they don’t want to hear, or point out some facts about their behavior that is simply unacceptable you are suddenly being bitchy! Guess what darlings, there is a world of difference between being simply bitchy and telling you some blunt truths that you don’t like.

In general I try to be polite and respectful to other people. It makes no difference to me what gender or orientation they are. My first go to is always using my Manners and being polite. That is how I was raised and I pretty much expect the same in return. Yes, I still come from a generation where rudeness for the sake of rudeness was not tolerated and it stuck in Me.

That said, there comes a time when being polite and respectful flies right out the window and it’s time to put your boot down on some disrespectful or even down right stupid behaviors. Add to it the fact that I am a long standing FemDom Mistress and you’d think it would be a big warning sign that I don’t put up with too much crap. My patience with ignorant behavior or talking back to Me especially from someone who claims he or she wants to serve Me and wishes to be My slave is very limited.

So here are a few blunt facts the way I see them and I don’t talk for the rest of womankind here. This is MY Opinion and if you don’t like it, you know where the X is! It’s not up for debate!

The all guys / males are stupid excuses don’t fly with this Mistress / Woman.

Let’s make something perfectly clear, in general males are not stupid. They may be foolish at times, but overall they are just as intelligent as women are. They are just as manipulative if not more so at times then women are. They are playing the “I am just a guy!” game and girls all over the world have fallen for it. It has given them an automatic pass for acting ignorant it seems, and sorry I am not buying into that. If you are indeed stupid, then  you don’t belong at My feet period, because I have zero tolerance for dealing with stupid people. So here is your choice, either own up to being intelligent in which case your actions have consequences, or keep playing the stupid card and stay far away from Me.

The all guys / males are led by their dicks card!

Yes a large majority of guys can be controlled and manipulated for a while when their dick is hard, but I have met enough MEN in my life who might have been aroused, but still had enough self-control to NOT DO some of the things that were detrimental to them. They had no problem putting a stop to something when it went too far, or were able to walk away from a woman even so their dick was hard. That goes for cheating as well. You still have a choice, you still have the ability to say no, and you still are able to think. It may be a little harder when you are horny, but don’t sit there and blame your poor behavior on women, just because you let your dick control your actions.

All women love to nag men!

Newsflash, I find it actually highly annoying when I am forced to repeat myself multiple times to get you to do something you should have done the moment I told you or as soon as possible. It’s not one bit entertaining to Me, and matter of fact it is one reason for Me to dismiss you out of hand rather quickly if you are My sub or partner. Women wouldn’t need to nag you if you did what you were asked for the first time around! Nagging is a direct result of you being a lazy ass who thinks that what we tell you we want you to do isn’t important enough to follow through on. Enough said.

Going from Goddess to you fucking bitch in 2.2 seconds annoyance!

Oh yes, I see it all the time. The guys who claim to adore you, worship you as a Goddess, that is until you don’t give them what they want and actually dare live up to what you are. A Mistress, a Goddess etc. Suddenly you are a fucking bitch and then they have the audacity to wonder why we get fed up with putting up with guys like that. DO NOT go to a Mistress with the idea that you can top from the bottom and that you can command what is going to be permitted to you or what you are to do for HER. Are you daft? Do you understand the concept of what submission and obedience is or did you just pick it up from a comic book you read in your Parents basement? Open your mouth at the beginning, and if you can’t pay the piper then don’t fuck up or approach!

How dare you demand I pay for your time, who do you think you are bitch?

Oh that one is easy. I think I am a Professional Mistress, a Business Woman, a Content Provider, and someone who is valuable. I think I am in charge of MY TIME and how I wish to spent it! I think that if you want to be entertained and get your fetish fix, then you will pay Me for the time you are taking up since you are not one bit service oriented nor submissive in any way to Me. I think that you seem to think everything is your due, and that you confuse Me with your Mommy. Does that help?

All Women are so catty statements!

ME – fucking – Ow! How about there are a lot of women who couldn’t give two shits about what other women are doing, and you guys just like to start shit between them. It’s like a High School Game for you. Trust Me when I tell you that there comes a point in a Woman’s life, usually once she has reached a certain level of maturity, that she barely even cares about what other women are doing if it doesn’t effect her directly, or it’s not in a positive way. At some point in our life we are too busy to engage in cattiness and in-fighting. We are busy raising families, working, running businesses and advancing ourselves. I know what a concept! Hell I had a guy pay me the other day who wanted me to get him off by being catty about some chick I didn’t even know, you know what I was so bored with it that I ended up rejecting to take further money. Why? Because I didn’t give two shits about that woman, and didn’t feel like wasting my life talking crap about her. That’s just not Me. By the way if you are jealous of another woman who is in the SexBusiness and more and likely would never even notice your guy unless She is providing some sort of service to him for money, you need to a, get yourself a man who is loyal to your ass, and b. gain some self-confidence. Just a little tip from your friendly Sexworker and FemDom Goddess.

Does it make you feel powerful to take me away from another woman?

Erm no! First of all I am not even interested in you in that way! Second I have more self-respect than that. Third, if I could take you away from another woman you are so not worth having! Why would I want someone like that to begin with? There is nothing powerful to Me about that. It’s dumb, petty, and foolish in my books. Don’t try to make me into a Scapegoat because you don’t have the balls to break up your own relationship. You got into it by yourself, get out of it by yourself. If you ruin your relationship because you are a cheating asshat, that is on you! You know what you are doing. Blame yourself, not everyone else.

So you think you are superior right?

Over who exactly? As a blanket statement? What do you consider superior? What the fuck is it with superiority complex boys and gals? Why the fuck would I even compare myself to other people? I know that I am damn good, that I am very attractive, highly intelligent, and worth more than you can probably afford to give Me. I know that I am going to better myself daily until the day I die. I know that I am amazing. Superiority of any kind bores Me and I find it foolish to even think that way. I don’t have to say I am better than someone else for any reason to feel worthy. That is for those who need their ego’s stroked, MY EGO IS HEALTHY and just fine! Go on with your silly self and stay off the big girls porch. If you want me to play the superior to you game, you will be charged $3.99 a minute for me to utter that stupidity while I roll my eyes at you. Yes I charge for that Fetish!

If you don’t fuck XYZ you must be racist!

Bite Me. Ever cross your pea sized brain that that has zero to do with race and everything to do with personal attraction? Didn’t think so, please crawl back into the hole you crawled out from now.

Purity of race stupidity!

That ship sailed a long time ago. Almost all of our bloodlines are now mixed among different races. The world in general is a melting pot if you haven’t noticed and there are a lot more races then just black and white, you nitwits. I am so sick of hearing this ignorance. How about focusing on something more important then an ideology that is way outdated and honestly is no longer relevant in this time and age? I myself was born in Germany and my personal bloodline is Hungarian and Sicilian. Looks pretty mixed to Me.

What sexuality you are is none of MY fucking business unless I am planning on fucking you!

Let me make something super clear. Unless I am planning on having sex with you,  I couldn’t care what swings between your legs or not, nor do I care who you enjoy fucking. It’s utterly unimportant to Me. I have friends in all walks of life, all gender orientations, all sexual preferences, and I couldn’t care less what they do with whom. Now once I decide I might be interested in you and you are promiscuous as fuck, then I want to see a clear STD test and a clear HIV test. Actually strike that, I am going to want to see it even if you are not, because as they say you fucked all the partners your partner fucked too and I have a clean bill of health (recently tested) so unless you can show me the same you are not even an option. So guess what, fuck who you want, well Adults I mean who are consensual, but stop forcing it into my face. I don’t give a flying rats ass.

WE must all love everyone  stupidity!

First of all that is not even possible! If you love everyone then your love doesn’t mean shit. LOVE is something very special and reserved for those we hold in our heart. I wouldn’t love a Serial Killer, sorry. I wouldn’t love a Serial Rapist. I will never love a Pedophile, I might love to put him or her 6 ft under so. I am not a love machine, I am a human being who gives love to those I see deserving of it in My eyes. Oh and no I don’t love blindly  and love does not make Me blind either. If that makes Me evil and then so be it. I am SATAN in the FEMALE form. Bite me!

No, some things are not forgivable!

Maybe I am jaded or maybe I am just more honest then some, I have no idea, but some things are not forgivable. Betrayal of my trust for one is not something I’ll forgive. I’ll move on from it, but you don’t get another chance to betray Me. You hurt one of My Adult Children and you’ll find out just how unforgiving I can be. There is a short list of things I will not forgive, and when you interact with Me I make it pretty darn clear from the start. So you know exactly what you are doing when you decide to do one of them. Don’t come to Me asking for forgiveness, because you’ll be dead to Me. Yes, I am that type of Bitch!

I am not going to ask for forgiveness for being born!

Let me tell you a little secret here and maybe you’ll understand why that will NEVER happen with Me. I grew up in a foster family where I was told from age 2 until 18 that I had no right to be alive, that because MY birth mother was a Gypsy and Prostitute I was a filthy thing that didn’t deserve to be loved. I was raised with people attempting to guilt trip Me into feeling bad about being born something I had no control over. It took me years to get over that type of emotional abuse, and I”ll be damned if anyone will ever make me feel guilty over something I didn’t have anything personally to do with ever again. It’s not going to happen, and I never expect anyone else to apologize to Me for something they had nothing to do with or had any control over either. Matter of fact that type of shit pisses Me off in a hurry. So if you feel it necessary to play the guilty for being something I had no choice in, wasn’t alive for, or didn’t choose and participate in card, stay far far away from My ass. You have been warned. I find this type of shit emotionally and psychologically abusive! I carry the inner scars from it and I hate – YES HATE – anyone who tries to do that to anyone else. Period! Done not up for debate

Yes, thank you I am a Bitch and it took Assholes to turn Me into one!

Most of us were born pretty nice actually. Hatred is a learned behavior, so is being a Bitch. In general most of us were good hearted in the beginning, probably really tried to make other people happy whenever possible, and attempted to be agreeable. Then life happened, and over the years and after encountering a few too many Assholes (of both genders) we grew harder and colder. We learned to protect ourselves, we learned to say NO, and we learned to put ourselves first. Guess what, I am no different.. I wasn’t born a bitch, but now I am and proud of it. You want to get the Sweetheart side of Me then treat Me like the Lady I am, and show Me respect If you don’t then you get to deal with the Bitch, and I don’t want to hear a peep of whining about it. You get what you dish out with Me. It’s that simple.

These are just a few blunt truth and honestly I think they are fair. Do they make Me bitchy? Maybe to some, but to Me they are simply stating facts of life. They are not said to point a finger at you, if the shoe fits you’ll wear it naturally, but if it doesn’t fit you then it has nothing to do with you.

That is the reality of life, if you feel this as a personal attack on you, then you recognized yourself in it. That is your problem and not mine. Don’t roll it down on Me and get pissed of at Me because you don’t like the Mirror Image you are looking at. Do better, work on yourself, the same way I have to work on myself.

I am far for perfect, never will be, but I am honest with myself. Some things I am simply not willing to change about myself and those above are some of them. They are the way they are for a reason, remember that, life made US who we are today, and we are a sum of our experiences

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